All friends are refined scholars Naturally see the extraordinary

Life imagination and taste of Hana Wuhan Tiandi owners have lifestyle leading the city from here. Not only local elites are attracted here, but also refined scholars coming from the country and the whole world.

Shen Hui

Wuhan Tiandi high class residence has never stopped the leading step. Wuhan Tiandi B9,B11 and B13, of which B13 complex is the first “International Family Love Community” of Jiangcheng and still follows the classic surrounding design of the previous period, such well-proportioned layout allows each building to have sufficient lighting and good ventilation, super high-rise has very good vision of river scene, and small high-rise has wide vision space.

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Yun Ting

The history leaves us many moments, which, although have not been experienced in person, are not forgotten. The miniatures of the city are hidden in the details of each building of each yard and pavilion, what is read by lingering in Hankou is in fact time. Not each building can be carved with time, but the Yangtze River has always witnessed the evolution of the history. Prior to coming to the river beach of Hankou, many people only know the Bund, however, Wuhan Tiandi is quietly leading the great change of the river beach!

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