Each surpassing Bring more extraordinary life enjoyment

Home is not only for dwelling, but also for life. Wuhan Tiandi repeatedly breaks the imagination of life, continuously create the surprise of home, and persistently pursues the taste and details of life.

Multiple-space life experience All-round life services

Wuhan Tiandi 300 thousand square meters of theme business, 500 thousand square meters of business cluster, 10000 square meters of central club, 12-year one-stop elite education, build “five-minute” community model of life circle. Living here enjoys convenience of the whole community and perfect services in an international life atmosphere.

Return to the nature Carve life

Collect a piece of peace and green in the noisy city. Enclosed yard concept and dislocation residence construction layout of Wuhan Tiandi family, rare construction shapes such as multiple-layer and small high-rise in the center of the city, residence complex surrounds the community park and builds private and quite residence environment.

All friends are refined scholars Naturally see the extraordinary

Life imagination and taste of Hana Wuhan Tiandi owners have lifestyle leading the city from here. Not only local elites are attracted here, but also refined scholars coming from the country and the whole world.

Energy saving and environment protection

Wuhan Tiandi, which integrates historical glamour and international fashion, is designed by Wood Benjiamin, chief designer of Shanghai Xintiandi, adopts several environment protection and energy saving technologies, and its design plan has obtained two golden pre-certifications of U.S green construction entity (LEED-CS) and community development, and has become one of few projects which obtain LEED certification projects in mainland China.

Wuhan Tiandi obtains

U.S Green Construction Committee LEED

Golden pre-certification certificate

A4 LEED Green Construction

Golden award certificatoin


A5-obtains: U.S Green Construction Committee

Energy and environment design pioneer award

LEED-CS (Construction entity and external appearance)

Golden award certificatoin


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