Sheng Hui

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Sheng Hui

“Sheng Hui”, the project is positioned as the regional comprehensive life center with a purpose of building brand-new experiences; horizontal motion line, convenience of stepping forward, creating fashionable life, healthy philosophy of enjoyment, the overall project is constituted with commercially Gaichuang new properties, fashionable family shopping center and the overall office building group.

Sheng Kui is located at the front line of prosperous hinterland of Binjiang river with surrounding 300 thousand square meters of high-end theme business, 500 thousand square meters of class A business group, several institutions of higher education, 10000 square meters of central club, more convenient light rail seamless connection.

Designers organically combines constructions with Chinese landscape painting, through reasonable configuration of environment to create a natural biological theater that integrates with the city.

ADD:Building 35, No.5, Enterprise Center, No.1628, Zhongshan Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan City
TEL:+86 (27) 8272 8200
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