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traffic can rapidly arrives at three towns with directions to various business circles: Yongqing business circle, CBD business circle, Wuguang business circle, Jianghan road business circle, Xudong business circle.

Our project is located at Yongqing land parcel of central urban area of inner ring of Hankou, faces beautiful Jianghan park, and is the largest comprehensive development project of Binjiang of Hankou of Wuhan. The overall project has convenient traffic with full supporting facilities, five urban main backbone roads such as Jiefang Avenue, Jinghan Avenue, Zhongshan Avenue, Yangjiang Avenue, Wuhan Avenue gather here. Wuhan Tiandi project is the only project that is located in the more core inner ring land section of the city and can arrives at Tianhe airport and Wuhan high-speed station within 25 minutes, and can bring tremendous convenience to your going-out regardless of office and residence. Light railway line 1 and subway line 8 that have been constructed have stations in this area, of which line 1 has been built and open to traffic, Wuhan Tiandi stretches over two stations of Huangpu Road station and Toudao Street station, which are located at land parcel A and B respectively; period I project of Line 8 has been started in July 2013, and the project is planned to be completed and open to the traffic in 2017, line 8 is cross-river subway from Jinyintan Avenue of East West Lake district to Happy Valley of East Lake.

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