School district education

12-year international elite education)
12-year international elite education)

Growth of children needs wide global vision, Wuhan Tiandi B land block, high quality educational atmosphere gives children extraordinary starting point. Form branded nursery school of the community, international primary school to the key middle school No.2 Middle School of Wuhan surrounding here, one-stop full-phase education is enjoyed by one-stop. To study and grow with children of elite families of World Fortune 500 depicts draws the perfect growth trajectory of growth.

Wuhan Tiandi noble residence exclusive education supporting

  • Community education supporting
  • Community education supporting includes: International Bilingual Nursery School, Changchun Street Primary School, Seven One Middle School

  • Surrounding educational resources
  • Surrounding educational resources include: Community Brand Infant School, International School, Shenyang Road Primary School, Two Seven Road Primary School, Yucai Elementary School, Xin Jian Primary School, Wuhan No.2 Middle School, No.6 Middle School, Jiefang Middle School, Yucai Fine Art Middle School, Yucai High School.

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