From the commencement in December 2007, Leisure Blocks business street has become the non-replicated “Fashion Landmark”. Total above-ground construction area of the project is about 570 thousand square meters, total construction area of underground parking lots is 250 thousand square meters. At present, more than 90 tenants have entered with business formats including Chinese and Western featured restaurants, bars, cafeteria, movie theater, clothing etc. The biggest feature of Leisure Blocks is that it sticks to philosophies of inheritance and innovation, and is designed by Ben-Wood, chief designer of Shanghai Leisure Blocks in person. In the business street, eight historical old buildings and more than 200 ancient trees of 1920s to 1930s of the last century are retained. When retaining amorous feelings and history of Wuhan, it also integrates fashionable elements and modern facilities, allowing it to become the culture and entertainment and leisure district that leads fashion.


Horizon International Shopping Center, total area is 110 thousand square meters, four above-ground floors, six partial floors, all underground floors are parking lots with more than about 2000 parking spaces. The fifth floor of the shopping center is roof garden with three major themes: wedding restaurant, outdoor dinning and IMAX film cinema. In the future, more international first-tier brands, business and leisure dinning, film cinema, children entertainment and digital etc will be introduced to provide leisure and entertainment high-end environment for urban elite people and families. Horizon shopping center was completed at the end of 2015, upon opening for business, it will be the most high-end international shopping center of Wuhan, and will also become the best place for business leisure of 830 thousand middle to high-end income people within the scope of five kilograms of the project.

Sheng Hui

Friendly response of internal and external landscape allows purchasing experience to be more perfect. Sheng Hui one-stop family shopping center of about 150 thousand square meters even extends greening to the internal of business space when including traditional business formats such as film cinema, large supermarkets and parent-children paradise to realize inter-response of indoor and outdoor sight with green color everywhere, allowing owners to enjoy extraordinary shopping experiences with ease.

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